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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

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Wow. I haven’t written on this site for some time now and I recently just got some new followers, a bunch of hits and a few comments 🙂 That makes me feel so loved you beautiful people ❤ 

I’ve decided to transition from my Quarterlife blog to my new blog.. Jess Reloaded

I moved because I needed a fresh start. Something to symbolize the new start to my life AND because I felt like I wasn’t actually in my quarterlife crisis anymore. When I started this blog I was just beginning Grad school, I was living in a different state and I was two relationships ago. Since then I have graduated, gotten a few different jobs, moved across the country and settled down with a woman that I could have never foreseen would cross my path in life. So I’ve reloaded myself. 

I am leaving this blog up, however, because my journey to now is all explained here. Here is the foundation of the life that I am living. I come back to this place often to remember how far I’ve come and to remind myself to be true to me. 

I am not a finished project. I don’t have life all figured out…but I’m no longer in crisis. Now I’m just living. 

Follow me in the now too? You can just call me Jess.




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