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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

My lessons are late this week..but here you go..

  1. Cis men are high maintenance and not in the cute way that women are. I’m glad I’m not into them. I am starting to value the Cis hetero men in my life that aren’t diva’s though.
  2. Sometimes life get’s completely out of control and makes no sense at all..and then all of a sudden everything goes right (My Bff’s life taught me that)
  3. I have a very narrow definition of friend..and i’m ok with that. It just means that if I call you a friend you are SUPER special to me.
  4. I love bitchy gays..I think I have one living inside of me.
  5. I don’t call my family enough..and they let me know often. :/
More this weekend!!

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