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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

( This was originally Posted on June 11, 2010..but today I am revisiting this intention out of hope and necessity .. I think I’m finally ready to birth myself in this space)

This is my intention, it always helps to write it down, to speak it to the universe…

I will use this blog to talk about what is important to ME as a 25 y/o Queer Woman of Color… This blog will be a place where I can rejoice in all of my identities..This blog will be a place of freedom to be me and to have my thoughts.

This blog will be like the world I wish to live in..but I will remember that we must live and work in the world the way it is..not the way you want it to be.

On this blog I will not pretend that the things that make me angry like racism, homophobia, heterosexism, heteronormaty, Zionism, immigration reform, politics politics politics, don’t make me angry or that they don’t exist. All I will do is work to change those things..through my words, and my actions, and my heart.

That is why I am creating this blog..painstakingly..taking lots of deliberate steps and thought and nurturing this space.

This space I will create is my altar…my sacred “thank you” to the ancestors that fought hard before me..that got angry before me..that survived and overcame and never stopped..that taught me “your silence will not protect you”

These are my intentions here..and as I meditate over those intentions..I know that the extreme writers block that I have been experiencing over these past few months will be lifted when the Universe feels it is time for me to share.



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