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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

Monthly Archives: May 2010

Awhile ago I realized that even though I have this blog, and even though I have this great need and sense of urgency to write about what is important to me, that the need inside of me to start this blog was different 2 years ago than it is now.

Two years ago I was in a different place. I’ve done a lot of growing up since then. I made a lot of changes. I’ve learned many things about life, love, myself, and the world.

Today, I am pursuing goals that I never believed I could. I am pushing myself in ways I never knew. When I started this blog I was beginning  my real world education..but now I am a full time participant.

The things in the world that were important to me then..are not important to me now.

So this blog is back in my creative womb..being filled with all the things I care about now.. current events, politics, activism, gender issues, environmental justice, feminism, Queer stuff, and so much more. This blog is being tended to, and nurtured, and taking on an identity that is new.

Stay Tuned for the REBIRTH of Quarterlife Queer….