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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

Lately I have been giving much thought to what it means to be Queer, or better yet what it means to identify as Queer. I’ve never really had any problems with identifying myself or with how others identify. I just find it so fascinating that the Queer identity is so multifaceted…that there is no definition, reference point, tried and true indicator of what Queer is…unlike most identities.

For example, if you are black there is history behind that here in the US. Being black means that your ancestors where forced from their homes on boats to come to this country, that your grandparents and greatgrand parents lived through Jim Crow laws or escaped Jim Crow laws for the sanctuary of the North. Being black means holding the legacy of the civil rights movement in your veins. Being black carries with it a set of uniform societal problems…the issues you face as a black person in the US are both well documented and acknowledged..even if that acknowledgement comes in the form of denial that they exist. The same goes for identifying as a women (biologically speaking) or identifying as an academic or any other identity we are either born into, grow into, or build for ourselves.

But Queer is different. There are so many questions about Queerness that must be asked of the individual and not the identity. The history of Queerness is subjective and spotty, people don’t so much know the history of this as they know the history of themselves. So I ask..What makes you Queer? Is Queer an identity or is it some umbrella term that houses every other term that makes up the complicated beauty of the LGBTQ[insert all the rest of the letters here] community? Or are all those other labels we put on ourselves  just adjectives to our Queerness? Is there a difference between being a Femme and a Queer Femme? or a Femme Lesbian? Does Queerness and sexuality play hand in hand? Or is it seperate? Is it important?  Are there degrees of Queerness?  Are you Queer or do you “do” Queer like you “do” gender? How does your gender interact, define, negotiate with your queerness?

Am I asking you too many questions? Don’t these things need to be asked to properly understand each other? To get rid of that little twitch some people get when you call them by an identity or a label they don’t subscribe to?

The name of my blog is Quarterlife Queer..not so much because I soley identify as a queer woman..but because I like the room to move around..I like Queer as an umbrella term of subsections and catagories that one can choose to participate in or not. I like that you can just be Queer..or you can be a Butch Lesbian..who in my eyes is one in the same.

More to come on this topic soon..

Your thoughts?



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