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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

Some would say I was born an idealist. I would say I was just born with an unalterable determination. It’s landed me here…working for an organization that fights and wins in the State. An organization that time and time again stands up to the giant..picks up a rock and launches it. The giant falls all the time. It’s tough work. It’s tougher knowing all the things that are going on in the Missouri legislature and not being able to throw a rock at every giant.

I was reminded twice in the near past that MONA (The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act) has not passed. That in a world where Iowa..of all places..can do something so progressive (and by progressive I mean RIGHT) as legalize same-sex marriage, this state it is perfectly legal to discriminate against me based on my sexual orientation. How does that make sense?

This state also has a legislature that voted to allow concealed weapons on the campuses of state universities, freeze the pay rate for tipped employees (despite 76% of voters in the state voting to raise and make COLA adjustments to the minimum wages of tipped employees), and refused billions of dollars in stimulus money while cutting essential health and social services programs.

I live in a very ass-backwards place. I may have been born here but this is no home to me. I am, however, here to fight the good fight and, as they say, ” Do the Lord’s work”

I often wonder how I can do more..

In my dreamworld I have the time and resources to bring all the giants to their knees and elect legislators that understand the importance of doing the right thing.


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