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Monthly Archives: December 2008

So…No end of the year post until I get back NEXT YEAR. (or if I get some serious downtime in the hotel) I’ll still be around reading everyone’s blog and updating twitter ( it’s my new obsession), thanks to BlackBerry. Until I get back here..have some Laura Izibor:


At least we know he has good reflexes…

Pres and First Lady Obama!
Pres and First Lady Obama!

I have a confession… I have a HUGE crush on the Pres and First Lady! Is that weird? I mean, have you seen them? It’s not a lusty crush..more like a really deep admiration/ appreciation.  These two are the ultimate power couple. They both ooze confidence and swagg like no two people I have ever seen and at the same time are so humble.  ( I am still convinced he should walk out just one time to ” “Swagga Like Us” even if it’s just the instrumental.)  They seem bigger than life and like everyday people at the same time. When they talk, we listen. I think Barack could get on t.v. and do a 3 hour press conference on how to cook soup and the world would never turn the channel.

And Michelle..what’s sexier than a powerful woman? The way she carries herself, how she seems so calculated and put together, polite and yet sassy, her support of the one she loves, and sacrafice of her own journey to stand behind his..It’s breathtaking. I am waiting on the Michelle O. book to come out so I can give it to every woman I know ! I so want to be a mix between Michelle and Audre Lorde when I grow up.

The most beautiful part about them is the love they share and allow us to’s not like anything you ever see in politics where the wife is just standing off to the side and they never do more than walk next to each other. They are all lovey dovey kiss  And I love it. I see some good times on the horizon with the next generation growing up with the Obama’s as role models.