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Monthly Archives: October 2008

This week started out very strange for me… Sunday was Shawn’s wake, monday was his funeral, and yesterday was his fashion show. It was all sad..yet not. I had been thinking about him all last week, about how sad his death was but while watching the slideshow of his life at the wake…I started thinking about his life.

I think that in all of the deaths that I was faced with this year I feel inspired by their lives now… My cousin Kathy had so many set backs and just kept moving. She had just finished her degree after 20+ years being out of school and had a job teaching that she really enjoyed. Dora lived a beautifully open life..she didn’t hide her struggles and even though she had a veil of darkness over her eyes that only she could see she always made it a point to care for others first. Shawn lived his dreams without question, he was doing what made him happy and surrounded himself with people that made him happy… These are the lessons on life I want to carry with me, my inspiration.

My life is busy and everchanging, there is so much i complain about and so much I forget to enjoy.

I bought the new Maya Angelou book “Letter to my Daughter” and I really want to carve out the time to read it… I feel like I have gotten too far away from the little things in life that make me reading and writing.

I need a vacation but I would rather have too much swirling around than be stagnant…

Something new for me is on the horizon.. figuratively and literally I’m sure.

Be Peace…

OH yeah..I had the pleasure of meeting one of my FAVORITE bloggers… Ms. Shark-Fu in the flesh. I missed her a few weekends ago at a work dinner thingy and then on Monday at our monthly meeting I looked up and there she was sitting directly across from me! Yay! I was geeked! And this time I didn’t let her slip away. I so look forward to working with her (which will include me sending her excessive email..sorry I stalk/bug/inform people for a living..please don’t hold it against me) Hopefully next time I see her there won’t be so much going on and we can chat!


Sometimes life makes little sense and death makes even less. Shawn passed away today. He touched so many people with his light. He lived the way we all should learn to do with his motto ” Learn, Love, Laugh, Live, Life”- never taking life for granted, believing in his dreams and the dreams of those around him, always having a smile on his face, making it his mission to make others feel beautiful and confident. He was an amazingly talented designer that could have easily had designs in the tents at Bryant Park. He was a wonderful brother, his twin brother and his sisters were the most important people in his life. To know him was to love him.

He is an inspiration and I can’t believe he is gone.

September 26, 1985- October 1, 2008

September 26, 1985- October 1, 2008

Rest in Peace Shawn Christopher Williams, maybe the world just wasn’t ready for a light as bright as yours.