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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

I am snapped from being overwhelmed and frustrated with my own life to find that one of my friends, a young man that has a future so bright and a life that is so precious, is fighting for his life. A friend that always has a smile on his face and a positive outlook on life, he sees the beauty in everyone he meets. He is a talented designer that will be featured in St. Louis Fashion week… and this weekend was the celebration of his and his twin brother’s birth. Some careless fool tried to take that away from him and now he is fighting just to stay here…

I can’t imagine the world losing him… We already lost Dora we can’t lose him too.

I found out last week that a girl I knew from way back was killed in a car accident a few weeks ago. Too young to not be here anymore.

I just ask that you keep Shawn in your prayers to whoever you pray to and keep his struggle and his family close to your heart and in your thoughts.


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