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Monthly Archives: August 2008

This song finally grew on me:

I didn’t really know if I liked the direction he was going with this song, hopefully the rest of his album will be less “dancy”.He is suppose to be my go-to for good laid back music and real love songs..don’t switch it up on me now Man!!lol


May your  legacy be carried on by every little girl that grows up to be a fearless leader.

Lately there have been so many sudden deaths, both of people in the “celebrity” realm and people that I know. Even when people are sick for a long time or very old, I don’t think anything can truly prepare for someone to just be gone off this earth.Its easy to feel invincible when you are young or when you have the best health care the world has to offer, but none of that matters.

Bottom line, (as cliche as this may be) tomorrow is not promised for anyone and most definitely give flowers to the living.

What I am listening to this morning:

More later…

Have you heard of “U People”? No? Check them out by going to

Yes, you have heard about you people? Thats great. Have you made a contribution?? Hmmmm..have you?

This is the deal, Hanifah Walidah and Olive Demetrius have created an experience like no other. Their podcasts are more than just entertainment, they are personal, informative, and hit close to the heart of every lesbian of color (or any other person that has ever had a “U people” moment). Their documentary ( which I haven’t seen yet because my city is just slow on some things) features real women having real conversations about real life. I can only imagine watching the film is like siting down to have a great conversation, just like watching the podcast. U People is truly a movement: film, music (they have great monthly mixes to download), wonderful guests on the podcast, Dr. G Love, and interviews…whew!

So now that I am done telling you how wonderful and beneficial it is to get U People in your life.. U People needs us in their life too. They have a wonderful opportunity to have their documentary shown on LOGO!!! How cool and exciting is that?! ( especially considering gay tv is almost always void of color) This is BIG shit, but they need to get insurance and closed captioning.. and that cost $$$ so…

WE ALL NEED TO PITCH IN! They need to raise $7000 right now so that they can meet LOGO’s deadline and get on the air. I did my part and made a donation…now its time for you to help bring this phenomenal movement to the masses.

So check them out.. help them out.. and pass their message on to EVERYONE you know!