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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

The academy ended Friday afternoon.. and I was surprisingly sad. Some magical dust seemed to fall on us while in the capitol on Wednesday and we all fell in love with each other. All of a sudden everyone liked each other and by Thursday night we could agree to disagree on all types of stuff and just hang out. Friday’s graduation was all TEARS. Now we are all spending way too much time on facebook sending wall posts and messages.

The last three days were so full of knowledge, advice, and shared experience. I met more women in those three days than I imagined. The experience filled me sooooo much. I didn’t think I could get anything else inside of me. I still have yet to process it all or write out all my thank you notes and send emails. To be honest there is a lot I still haven’t taken in..just put it away in a compartment and will revisit it later.

I can say that my “networking”/talking to strangers abilities have improved. I was bombarded with introductions and conversations with legislators, supreme court justices, and other women in politics. Although I am still pretty quiet I feel like I could walk up to anyone and just start talking if I need to… and that feels good.

Last night, while I was still very full with last week and exhausted  I went to see Sunni Patterson. Amazing is an understatement!  Her commentary was intense and right started around 8:30 and she finally left the stage around 11:30….. by the end I was so very tired and she said so much that I was just trying to pack it into my brain somewhere to visit later. I am sure the cd we bought will be put to good use in the car and spark many conversations ( because my brain was to swollen to have a good conversation last night.)

I’ll leave you with some Sunni… Hopefully as I untangle all of my thoughts I can share them!


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