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A never ending story

My leadership academy is eye-opening, fun, mind blowing, frustrating, disappointing, and annoying all at the same time. But, once you get passed the natural problems that arise when you place 36 strong opinionated women into a room together for more than 10 min it is all worth it. The walls are oozing with ambition and motivation, and the presenters are SO amazing! The faculty in residence for the week is the first female circuit judge in the city and the director of the institute has been a HUGE influence on women in state government since the 70’s. How many people can say they have eaten breakfast and talked about life with women like that? Or have seen them in spandex walking around campus? And those are just two of the 30+ women I get to talk with this week… not to mention the dinner that will be full of everyone who is anyone. I am completely overwhelmed with the years and years of experience and wisdom these women bring… and uping my network game to catch up.

BUT… of course everything is not all rose colored. I seriously don’t understand why some of these women are here in the institute. There are people making everyone else’s experience a living hell. The Cattyness , the whining, the attitudes..its all too much. We are having a mock legislative session tomorrow on the floor of the house at the capitol. We were to prepare for the debate today… it was a disaster and I suspect the actual debate will be as well. There was yelling, rolled eyes, and one person got so fed up she just left. At the end of our planning session nothing had been accomplished and everyone went off in to groups to bitch about what just happened. It was embarrassing and the display could really have been an ad for why women shouldn’t run the world.

It has also been hard to get to know anyone here. I have only had one GOOD conversation with one like minded person, and she possibly could be the only person I keep in touch with beyond friday. I did have a conversation with a past fellow that wanted to know about my involvement with LGBT groups and how to form one on her campus. Other than that its just a bunch of crabs in a barrel, all trying to meet the guests to network or trying to bitchingly get their agenda across when we are working in groups…. sisterhood?? Nope we don’t need that at the women’s leadership academy! 😦

I will try to update again if I find time…



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