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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

Ok..I should be working on my three papers and a project but as usual I am on the net just wasting time..

But, I think I need to find some new ways to waste time, or at least some new sites because I have had it up to here * puts hand over my head* with what the internet does best… gives ignorant idiots, racists, and hateful argumentative people a place to subject us all. I really wish I had some type of “stupid” filter on my computer, or at the very least an “asshole” filter.. it would save me a lot of trouble.

I’m not talking about people that just see things differently than myself, I’m talking about people that don’t have the knowledge of a 5 yr old that want to not only leave comments but also argue with other people about their comments. I am a firm believer that keeping your mouth closed, and ideas out of print, is the best way to look smart when you are not.

Maybe this just all hit me when the blog word went crazy over that lady who was too high and mighty to credit bfp.. or maybe I just assumed that moving from silly gossip blogs to “grown-up” blogs would eliminate some of my disappointment in people.

Maybe I should have know that was bs when I thought that nonsense.

Its all just a little overwhelming, having so much on my mind and then when I am going to try and distract myself having to sift through comments that make me say “Huh? Why? Ugh!!” I get that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and some people might say those things to me..but damn even you know you have clicked off some good topics because the discussion was becoming too childish and “recess like” to continue reading on.

Thank the universe for the few places I can still go and get good information, be part of productive conversation, and that keep readers engaged and learning something new.

I’m done bitching..going to do work…


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