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A never ending story

I was watching extra late last night and saw this story that’s going to be on Oprah tomorrow… The Pregnant Man.


This is a picture of Thomas Beatie, a transgender ( female to male) man that is very much pregnant. The link goes into all the details about how he came to be pregnant, but what I find so fascinating is that 1) he kept his female reproductive organs ( although I guess a lot of ftm people don’t get hysterectomies) , 2) That he was willing to do something that seems like it would be the exact opposite of what a person that didn’t want to be a woman would do, 3) that he could get pregnant after years of hormones ( he hadn’t had a period in 8 years!)

I think it was a noble thing for him to do, even knowing the amount of heartache and criticism he would have to face. His wife couldn’t have a child so he stepped up to the plate.

I know that this is going to get a bunch of people’s panties in a bunch but this just goes to show that gender and sex are two totally separate aspects of human beings. Yes he is legally a man and at the same time he is biologically a woman. There is just something beautiful about that. I hope this forces people to look past their assumptions of transgender people and help break down the rigidness that is gender. It kind of reminds me of the series “Don’t Go” when the women gets pregnant by her intersexed partner ( who lives as a woman).

Oh, I wonder what the religious community will have to say about this one..I mean.. its completely natural and moral for a female-sexed( biologically) person to have a baby…right? So from a “moral” stand point he isn’t doing anything unusual.. people with a uterus have babies everyday!

He identifies as a Man and being pregnant, for me, doesn’t make him any less of a man. We live in a world were you define who you are..its nobody’s place not to respect that.

Meanwhile, we will be taping the show tomorrow and I urge everyone to watch it and think about how they perceive gender and transgendered people.


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