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A never ending story

Ok.. Facebook is NOT homophobic but this chick I went to high school with is and it was the topic of a long facebook convo with my oldest friend “K”(I’ve know her since pre-k). When I logged in this morning I had a message from her asking if I read homophobe girls status and saying how “fucking annoying” she is.

Basically the girl was ranting about “everyone being gay” and asking was it a ” a class in school on the days she missed” and then after K, a very opinionated Christian that can’t stand ignorance, called her out as being hateful and ignorant she ranted about homosexuality being a “lifestyle choice” and not ” a birth error”.


Ok..Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I pretty much expect to run into homophobia in my life…but not from people that I’ve known since before I came out (6 years ago) and defiantly not from anyone that went to my high school (it was like Gay/Bi central). In fact I have not had very many homophobic encounters in St. Louis, Nashville was the source of hate for me. I guess I am lucky to have been around a lot of homos and homo-friendly people here.

From what K told me about their little “argument”her source of hate is The Book of Mormon and a “prophet” that told her that some sins are bigger than others and being gay is one of the biggest. Yes friends we have a case of ” I found religion and now I must look down on everyone” I think it is really sad that she is expressing to the world how brainwashed she has become ( if you are going to be ignorant you really should just be ignorant in your own head and leave us out of it)

It was interesting to see how upset it made K… I always find it interesting when straight people are offended by homophobic people.

Anyway, I just brushed it off because I don’t talk to her anyway and K seems to have done all of the communicating to her that hate and judgment under the disguise of faith is unacceptable that she needs. I have bigger problems, the weather!Once again we are getting some messed up weather. Its snowed more this winter than I ever remember. I’ve heard reports of up to 10 inches tomorrow, so hopefully I can stay cozy in the house and not go to school.

Can’t wait for the Obama v Clinton Show!


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