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Monthly Archives: March 2008

I had the pleasure to hear Nikki Giovanni speak tonight at the university that I attend. I have to say that it was a wonderful experience, she is an amazing writer and a great speaker (not to mention very down to earth and outspoken). But I was kind of disappointed with the audience. For the most part there were more older members of the community and young white students than black students. That made me a little worried.

After I was reminded me that the campus is less than 10% black I had to remember that I wasn’t at TSU anymore. I had to remember that I was at a university that had little sense of community among any groups, let alone blacks. I had to remember that I was on a college campus who’s motto seemed to be “get in, get out” as far as being on campus goes. I had to remember that the communication on this campus was limited to emails nobody reads and ads on the last page of the newspaper that nobody ever got to because none read past the sports section. I had to remember all of that.

But I had to ask if the real reason wasn’t that the students are uninformed about events but that black college students, especially those attending HWCUs ( and more important the phenomena that is MY HWCU ), are just so out of touch that they don’t see the importance in who she is or what she has to say. I watched a few of her videos on Youtube and the comments people made were ridiculous. Calling her “ignorant” and ” out of touch” for her opinion on Bill Cosby and Condie Rice. All I can think about is our future if people my age and younger are so blind to whats really going on that we hang on to the words out of Cosby’s mouth because we grew up with him as the model parent on TV. Are we that brainwashed that we can’t think outside the box? And even if you do support him, are we that close-minded that we can’t acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, especially people that have been on this earth longer than we have and seen so much more.

I want to yell out. What is wrong with students around my age? Why don’t they have the same fire in their guts as the young soldiers marching in the streets 40 years ago? Why isn’t my generation outraged with all that is going on in this world? (ok..i know there are PLENTY of us out there..I’m not hopeless just disillusioned by the people at THIS school)

Tonight I officially missed TSU. I officially missed the gym that would have been packed standing room only, filled with students from all the local colleges and people that she taught and went to Fisk with. I missed the group of people that held a sit-in freshman year to prevent the Africana Studies department from being cut in half. I missed the teachers that would cancel their classes during the time a great speaker came so that everyone could attend. I miss the urgency in every issue, address what you don’t like.. have a forum…have a spontaneous debate in the court yard or class about it..get so mad you make an appointment with the president… start an organization against it( or for it).

As much as I am happy to be away from the administration’s disorganization and the homophobic south, I miss a school that trained leaders and independent thinkers. Which is opposite of the school I am in now that teaches careers.

How can you have an institution with no community?

I don’t know whether to be sad for my generation or for the students at this school… But I do know that I am thankful to have attended a school for undergrad that taught me how important it is to pay attention.


Since moving back to St. Louis I went from bottled water, which was very necessary in my last city, to tap water..mainly because the water here actually tastes like NOTHING. ( and that’s what I need out of water) But now I am just really freaked out. I just read this article ” AP Probe Finds Drugs in Drinking Water”

It seems that all those drugs we take everyday are just flushed down the toilet and into our drinking water and it varies by city. Every drug from antibiotics to sex hormones are just redeposited into us! So every time I take a drink I could be drinking your heart medicine, antidepressants, and pain killers. YUCK! But the worse part:

“The federal government doesn’t require any testing and hasn’t set safety limits for drugs in water ”

Ummmm HELLO? So they don’t give a shit about us drinking and washing ourselves with pharmaceuticals? I guess that sounds about right for our government.

It just takes me back to the days when I brushed my teeth with bottle water… but damn.. We have to shower, we have to clean and cook, we have to give our pets water to drink.

Our children are being pumped full of drugs before birth! And to me this is worse than growth hormones at McDonalds.. its in the freakin water that you beg your kids to drink.



I was settling in tonight reading some of my favorite blogs and came across this

NOW has joined the ranks of old white feminists bitching and moaning because they can’t see anything past sexism affecting Americans.

Racism?? Oh, thats not a factor here just sexism… and women are traders. Oh yeah.. young women are oblivious and black women are only voting based on race. Shame on you young women that make up your own mind based on the candidate YOU think is best. Shame on you black women for voting for Obama because you feel he is the best candidate AND he is black when you should be voting for Hillary because she is a woman.

I can’t believe they stand on mountaintops and shout this backwards mess.. don’t vote based on the candidate that shares your race, vote based on the candidate that shares your anatomy. HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE?? I need them to slowly say that shit to themselves and if they still believe it seek help.

This is really making my ass hurt…

Ok.. Facebook is NOT homophobic but this chick I went to high school with is and it was the topic of a long facebook convo with my oldest friend “K”(I’ve know her since pre-k). When I logged in this morning I had a message from her asking if I read homophobe girls status and saying how “fucking annoying” she is.

Basically the girl was ranting about “everyone being gay” and asking was it a ” a class in school on the days she missed” and then after K, a very opinionated Christian that can’t stand ignorance, called her out as being hateful and ignorant she ranted about homosexuality being a “lifestyle choice” and not ” a birth error”.


Ok..Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised. I pretty much expect to run into homophobia in my life…but not from people that I’ve known since before I came out (6 years ago) and defiantly not from anyone that went to my high school (it was like Gay/Bi central). In fact I have not had very many homophobic encounters in St. Louis, Nashville was the source of hate for me. I guess I am lucky to have been around a lot of homos and homo-friendly people here.

From what K told me about their little “argument”her source of hate is The Book of Mormon and a “prophet” that told her that some sins are bigger than others and being gay is one of the biggest. Yes friends we have a case of ” I found religion and now I must look down on everyone” I think it is really sad that she is expressing to the world how brainwashed she has become ( if you are going to be ignorant you really should just be ignorant in your own head and leave us out of it)

It was interesting to see how upset it made K… I always find it interesting when straight people are offended by homophobic people.

Anyway, I just brushed it off because I don’t talk to her anyway and K seems to have done all of the communicating to her that hate and judgment under the disguise of faith is unacceptable that she needs. I have bigger problems, the weather!Once again we are getting some messed up weather. Its snowed more this winter than I ever remember. I’ve heard reports of up to 10 inches tomorrow, so hopefully I can stay cozy in the house and not go to school.

Can’t wait for the Obama v Clinton Show!