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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

I started the day off listening to Bush make promises to Cuba and reading about the push to ban affirmative action in Missouri…

Sometimes I forget we have a president.. I just kind of glaze over thinking about the president of the future, but then he pops up spewing his “Democracy” BS… (it still disturbs me that they call this a democracy when it isn’t)

I wouldn’t be surprised if this ban on affirmative action makes it through… I have to find a place to live with less rednecks and people that think race isn’t important anymore. I need to find a place where people are aware of the shit around them, even if they are not working to fix it.. at least acknowledge it..we can work on the rest later.

This country needs a psychologist to help it deal with its denial.

Today is just another one of those days.


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