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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

I find that a common quarterlifer problem is the education/experience divide. In a time where most of use are going straight from high school to undergrad to grad school we are becoming a generation of young hungry intellects. In many fields having more education than experience works out, such as law or business. People in those fields want the young and new to bring the next big thing and to devote their lives to working.

But in many other professions where the generations before us are still dominating the field, youth and inexperience can be handicaps. Its hard to accept that with your masters you won’t find a job higher than entry level and you won’t make enough to pay back all your loans and live. That’s depressing.

I think about that a lot in my fields. I’m in a masters program because my B.S. counts for shit so I already can’t get a job, my masters requires some additional school or a fellowship to even be entertained in the job market, and my life’s passion requires years of internship and volunteering in order to network your way to a real job.

So maybe this isn’t the biggest deal for quarterlifers, maybe most of us don’t even think about stuff like this, but for me its a real problem. Mainly because when people meet me they think I am “so cute”, they assume I am in the undergrad program, they are taken back to hear that I am 22 ” oh how cute, you are so young”. It doesn’t help that I am all t-shirts and jeans. ( But thats a whole different issue for me, the mystery of how I should look)

I feel like I have pressure on me to look older( pressure from myself), and I try very hard but it just leaves me confused and unhappy. There are so many more things in this world to think about and I feel like I am wasting my time thinking about how other perceive me. I suddenly feel like an 8th grader again, uncertain about how I fit in and how I am suppose to fit in. Before this year I never cared and now I am so bothered about it.

I’m like a shedding snake, the old familiar skin falling away but the new vibrant colors underneath are only showing themselves a little at a time. I’m just a restless snake wanting the old skin gone and the new skin showing… RIGHT NOW!

See what Grad school is doing to my brain???


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