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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

Today is the day the nation was granted to have the day off to celebrate MLK. A day of marches/parades and church services. Here in my Midwest city people protested the mayor at an event…(but the racial dynamics of  this wacky place is a post of a different color)

It was on TV.. CNN Headline news that I heard what made me say “WOW!” That Mitt Romney guy that hopefully has no chance of ever running our country or influencing anything to do with me made a statement that made my head hurt. When asked about how we should address racial disparities he first said something about inner ctiy schools being crap.. which is true and I feel him..but then he went left field and said we have to teach kids to get married before they have children because children need two parents…


I get that the family structure of black and african american people is WAY different than that of the nuclear family..and that we need more people to be responsible for their children. BUT HOW DARE HE clump that little back handed comment on as a way to improve and overcome racial disparities.  Sounds to me like you are blaming single parents and our family structure for the socioeconomic and racial struggles blacks face.

And the best part was him bringing Bill Cosby into the explanation… because we all know he has figured it all out for us.




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