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Quarterlife Queer

A never ending story

I have been talking about starting a new blog with my partner for a few months. In fact I started one on Blogger but after two posts I grew bored and just stopped. I have a very personal private blog on Xanga, but for purposes I wish did not exist I have to keep my identity “secret”. I wanted a place that I could exchange ideas with other bloggers and random people on the net because I think interaction makes life more exciting. I love sharing and learning from others even when I am yelling at the computer screen about how ignorant some people can be. I may not have anything profound to say everyday..but maybe someone will come along and leave me with a comment that inspires me to think.

I’m all about progression. My posts here will be the commentary on my life’s progression… on the things I know, I see, and I read.

Just a Quarterlife perspective from a Queer Girl with lots to say on everything!



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