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Monthly Archives: January 2008

There are some Blogs out there that have the sole purpose of ignorant gossip, making fun of and starting outrageous rumors about Black celebrities. I must admit that I sometimes go to these sites to see whats going on with black Hollywood/the music world. On occasion they have some good content.. pictures and news. BUT, I have officially washed my hands of a certain site. recently did an article on Maya Angelou’s choice for Presidential candidacy, in which they titled it under “Ho, Sit Down”. Outraged..yes very much. Here is what they said in reaction to her support of Hillary:

“Why do all these old-time chitlin’ era civil rights leaders feel obligated to support and play puppet for the shady Clintons? As we saw in S.C., these old-timers are disconnected with what the people want. SMH.

“Hey Johnny, why you want to leave this good ole plantation, massa been good to us, you better support them good ole clintons, we don’t need no freedom””

One of my biggest pet peeves is people, especially black people-women- queers, that make themselves sound this ignorant and do it with arrogance . They think just because they support Obama (just because he is black) that anyone that doesn’t is an Uncle Tom. How dare they slap a “Ho sit down” on anything that has to do with Dr. Angelou.

This was the most disrespectful act I have read, seen, or heard recently.

I am steaming.. so much so that I refuse to even link to the post so that you all can see for yourself. I don’t want anyone else to have to endure that mess.

Ugh! Its so degrading and ignorant that I can’t even seem to articulate the extent to which I just can’t stand things like this. No wonder we seem to be getting nowhere as a people.

No more Bossip for me thats for sure.. and I hope others stop as well and don’t keep going back and generating more and more money for their ignorance.



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I was over on Afrobella and I saw this and could not stop laughing. Thats Bush’s ass about to get the elbow from that little girl. She looks like ” If you don’t take your old white man arm off me.. I swear!”
There are just so many captions that could be applied to it… all of which end in that girl rolling her eyes and walking away.

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Today is the day the nation was granted to have the day off to celebrate MLK. A day of marches/parades and church services. Here in my Midwest city people protested the mayor at an event…(but the racial dynamics of  this wacky place is a post of a different color)

It was on TV.. CNN Headline news that I heard what made me say “WOW!” That Mitt Romney guy that hopefully has no chance of ever running our country or influencing anything to do with me made a statement that made my head hurt. When asked about how we should address racial disparities he first said something about inner ctiy schools being crap.. which is true and I feel him..but then he went left field and said we have to teach kids to get married before they have children because children need two parents…


I get that the family structure of black and african american people is WAY different than that of the nuclear family..and that we need more people to be responsible for their children. BUT HOW DARE HE clump that little back handed comment on as a way to improve and overcome racial disparities.  Sounds to me like you are blaming single parents and our family structure for the socioeconomic and racial struggles blacks face.

And the best part was him bringing Bill Cosby into the explanation… because we all know he has figured it all out for us.



Today Michigan is voting. Only for the Republicans but voting all the same. So much for every vote counting considering the Democrats don’t really care how the people of Michigan vote today. I wrote a post in blogger about our political involvement a while back.

I’m not ashamed to say I have no idea who to vote for. Of course I am voting democrat, those old white men running for the republican nom just look like repeats of Bush. You would think I would be more involved seeing as I study politics but I am really not. We are voting next month and I will just watch a bunch of youtube videos of Obama and Hillary before I go in to punch the screen.

Whenever presidential elections roll around I feel like its a no win situation. Especially this time. There is no way any one of them can dig us all the way out the “Bush” in just 4 years, they will need at least 8 years to be able to really be the “change” I keep hearing about. I think the greatest debate is should that change be a black guy or a woman.. both of which couldn’t do any worse than the WASPs. ( And I do mean all of them. I’m not one of those “Bill Clinton was the best” people. He screwed gay people over and did some wicked things with welfare reform)

Maybe I’ll come back and update this post saying that I am totally behind one candidate. More than likely I will not like either and have to choose the lesser of the two evils.

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On January 8th The New York Times ran an opinion piece by Gloria Steinem that has the internet “going nuts”. Or I should say has the world of feminist bloggers that I like to frequent ( Sudy, ABW , AngryBlackBitch) writing pieces disputing her main point, that gender trumps race in America. She writes:

“Gender is probably the most restricting force in American life, whether the question is who must be in the kitchen or who could be in the White House.”

This statement and her article says a lot. But it says a lot about her reference point in life. She is an old white woman, so for her of course gender is the oppressive force in her life. She only lives within one societal label: Female. She is not confronted with any of the problems women of color have, any of the problems queer women have, or any of the problems men outside of the WASP standard may encounter. All of those realities are foreign to her and the people applauding her on this article. This article brought many different issues to my mind.

1. White people like to think race is not an issue.They try to find any argument to deflect the fact that they have privilege just because they are white. They try their best not to be racist.The truth is race is a problem and a lot of them are racist and don’t even know it. Within every category of life there are racial disparities. People of color always find themselves in the bottom half, even among the poor or the under privileged.

2. White feminists and women of color are on two different pages. I have read commentary of white feminists bitching that when women of color create spaces and agendas that serve only women of color they are creating the gap between the two groups. WOC don’t create this divide. WOC deal with issues that many white women obviously don’t have to, that many white women obviously can’t understand, and obviously don’t believe are a problem. What are WOC suppose to do when you have national feminist figures disregarding the racial struggles we face for the gender struggles she sees as more serious.

3. The more Labels we create the further from progression we get. Society has a label and a box for everyone and in response we have had to claim our own labels in order to have a voice. We all walk around with “Hello” my name is stickers plastered with how we identify ourselves, then we spend our lives defining and defending these labels. We all do it. We define our race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, personality, beliefs, and education level. Its like ordering at Starbucks, can I get a black-american-queer-female identifying-bohemian-universe worshiper-MA student. The more differences we find the less we connect with one another, the less we understand each other, the more judgment we pass , and the less we get done.

4. There are more than 2 -isms. Our problems don’t start and end with Sexism and Racism. What about the oppression of Heterosexism?? What about the oppression of Elitism? What about the oppression of Capitalism? What about the oppression of Imperialism? Who decides what effects us more?

I could go on but..why? Everyone’s personal reference points will have them see what I’ve said, what G. Steinem said, and what everyone else has said about the issue in their own way. I’m speaking from the point of view of a WOC..a black woman thats grown up in America with my eyes open.

“When I say I am a Black feminist , I mean I recognize that my power as well as my primary oppressions come as a result of my Blackness as well as my womanness, and therefore my struggles on both these fronts are inseparable.”Audre Lorde “I Am Your Sister: Black women organizing Across Sexualities”

The fact is there are many things that oppress us and in different ways. We have to remain open to that. We have to understand that because we are different we go through different things, we see the world differently, and the world treats us differently. We must acknowledge everyones issues and work to combat all oppression instead of defining so broadly what one thing is keeping us all down. Because there is not just one thing oppressing all oppressed people in America (or in the World).

Gloria Steinem speaks for herself and what she knows… Don’t let her old white blinders speak for you.

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I realize that if I wait until I am no longer afraid to act, write, speak, be, I’ll be sending messages on a Ouija board, cryptic complaints from the other side” Audre Lorde

I played office tag today. It made me wonder if it was worth the work. I’m not happy with the program, but I kinda chalked it up to making the transition from undergrad to graduate, from the south to the midwest, from an HBCU to a HWCU.

This transition was suppose to be easy. Moving back to my hometown. I love everything else about my life, but I hate my program. It’s impersonal and rigid. I don’t know what I expected from Public Policy students, but they all seem to have a stick up their asses. Classroom conversation is so uninteresting. No one has any original idea to contribute. The classes are dry.

Have you ever been sitting in a room, looked around you, and realize “I don’t belong here!” ? Thats how I felt the very first day of class last semester.

I want to learn about things that matter. I want to be in a program that encourages and expects students to change the world, to be worried about real issues instead of when the next test is.

I don’t know what to do. Should I stick it out, get the degree and then find what I really need? or Should I be like some of my high school friends that just left their programs to find happiness?

Am I still in this program because I am afraid of what will happen if I leave without a solid next step?

I have been talking about starting a new blog with my partner for a few months. In fact I started one on Blogger but after two posts I grew bored and just stopped. I have a very personal private blog on Xanga, but for purposes I wish did not exist I have to keep my identity “secret”. I wanted a place that I could exchange ideas with other bloggers and random people on the net because I think interaction makes life more exciting. I love sharing and learning from others even when I am yelling at the computer screen about how ignorant some people can be. I may not have anything profound to say everyday..but maybe someone will come along and leave me with a comment that inspires me to think.

I’m all about progression. My posts here will be the commentary on my life’s progression… on the things I know, I see, and I read.

Just a Quarterlife perspective from a Queer Girl with lots to say on everything!